OUR product 

Our Product comes in the form of the various services we offer as well as the quality workmanship we provide.  Maggie Enterprises provides value added real estate investment opportunities.  We are the Buyers, Sellers and the Financial Solution for property owners and property investors. 

  • As the Buyer, we provide an alternative outlet for interested owners who are motivated in selling their property. We offer multiple options that meet their needs such as full cash offers or creative terms that provide for the monthly cash flow desired.  
  • As the Seller, we deal with Investor and Non-Investor type clients.  To our Investor clients we provide sound profitable wholesale deals that make sense. To Non-Investor clients such as individuals or families, we provide quality rehab homes and properties that meet their needs.  In the area of Financial Solutions, we leverage the close relationship we have with our preferred private moneylender to provide the funding solutions for all sound real estate investment deals. 

Dave started this company in August of 2013 to prepare for his second career.  He has a long background in the management ranks with United Parcel Service.  Retiring in February of 2014 after 32 years at UPS, Dave has spent 24 of those years in the corporate management ranks.  During that time, he has managed many departments and disciplines, some of which included; Operations technology, Industrial Engineering, Long Range Planning & Design, Process & Business Optimization and IT Project Management.  Prior to his career with UPS Dave spent 6 years in the housing construction field both on the East and West coast. Dave has been formally trained and certified in Project Management and ITIL Service Management best practices.   

Dave Bianco, Founder & CEO

Our market and its potential

Maggie Enterprises, LLC was founded in 2013 as a real estate investment company. Its focus has mainly been on the residential, single and multifamily real estate market.  Although our operations are located in the Hudson Valley region of NY State, where most of our core business strategies take place, we continue to expand our opportunities to other markets in the US.  This is especially true with our funding solutions to investor clients.  Maggie Enterprises provides Buy and Sell opportunities for both our investor and non-investor clients while maintaining the highest standards of integrity.  We work with each and every one of our clients as if they were future partners in our company.  We pride our selves on providing the most effective tried-and-true and cutting-edge techniques that result in sound options and opportunities for sellers, buyers, and investors in the ever-changing real estate market.

Our mission is to create solid profits and yields on our investment capital.  We do this through the acquisition and resale of properties, primarily distressed homes.  Performing functional and or cosmetic improvements to single and multi-family properties will generate profitability.  These renovations will increase the value of the properties, which will make them attractive to  focused end buyers for the purpose of investment cash flow or owner occupancy.

Our 2015 goals will include establishing standard procedures and systems for our three major disciplines. 2015 will continue to be a period of organization and preparation for our buying and wholesaling strategy.  We will expand into a larger and more professional office and we will seek to hire an assistant with real estate skills and knowledge of the local mark

who we are

Maggie Enterprises intends to pursue multiple markets for the various services it offers. We are aggressively marketing our real estate buying and selling strategies in the Orange County, New York state Hudson Valley region. In addition, we will continue to pursue our financial funding solutions across the various 50 states, mostly contingent on those states that allow the brokering of private money.  As the US economy continues to gain momentum in the housing market, we will diligently pursue those lucrative markets that are leading the recovery.  Through aggressive marketing of our lending services, we will monitor investor activity through the feed back of our funding deals. This will help us target those areas with increasing activity.

The Hudson Valley region was hit hard by the housing down turn in 2008 through 2011.  The Zillow statistics for the Orange County, NY area show that 25% of the largest cities in this area were still at a negative decline year over year (Jan.14- Jan.15). In addition, 60% of these cities are only 6 Qtrs. into their recovery and away from their “Home Value Bottom”.  Maggie Enterprises will leverage these statistical trends to buy and sell in these targeted markets. 

As the private money industry continues to be the main source of funding for real estate investors in the US, we will take advantage of that trend by brokering funds using Cogo Capital as our preferred lender.  In addition, we will also take advantage of our Inner Circle membership benefits that allow us to leverage our discounted cost of money to fund our own deals.